Behind the News Friday the 20th May, 2016

Today we will be watching BTN (Behind the News). Here is the link to this weeks episode:

After viewing we will be summarising using the GIST Strategy and then discuss as a class.

Here are a few of our thoughts:

Smoking Article:

You are not allowed to smoke around children (Tri-Anh)

Allergies Article:

One out of twenty people have an allergy (Kayla)

Some allergic reactions are deadly (Rebecca)

An epipen helps reactions from getting to bad (Anastasia)

Most people are allergic to fish, nuts, soy and eggs (Amy)

Game on Article:

Year 8 students participated in a competition and they had to come up with an idea for an educational video game and the winner got to produce their video game (Stephen)

The game Second Chance won (Rohith)

Recycling Article:

More than 80% of bottles and cans are being recycled in South Australia (Damian)

This was due to the 10 cent rebate (Damian)

Over 590 million bottles and cans were found on the streets of South Australia (Shania)

Body Image Article:

It looks like someone had photo-shopped the video of Meghan Trainor to make her waist look thinner, she felt very embarrassed. (Anna)

I think photo-shopping is a bad thing because it is not showing the real you. (Nandana)

Aboriginal Language Article:

Yawuru is the Aboriginal language of Broome.

They Aborigines were banned from using their language in the 1960s. (Amy)

Broome is trying to become the only bilingual town in Australia (Rebecca)

Everyone in Broome is starting to learn the indigenous language of the area (Hoang)

In the 1980’s the language was becoming extinct so they started to bring it back (Stephen)

Democracy Article:

There are two greek words in democracy that are linked together (Anzac)

‘Demos’ means people and ‘Kris’ means rule (Ethan)

Democracy means people voting on the rules (Rebecca)




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